Nextech is a global, cancer therapeutics-focused venture capital firm headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. We focus almost exclusively on oncology therapeutics, and on helping to drive value creation for our portfolio companies. We invest in the most promising drug discovery companies with the potential to create multiple medicines. Our portfolio is focused throughout the US and Europe with investments from company inceptions to crossover rounds.

At Nextech, our in-house team, together with an active, top caliber group of Science Partners, focus our expertise on identifying the critical inflection point between early scientific validation and clinical proof-of-concept, the moment that we believe holds the greatest promise for patients, and for investors.

Nextech proactively identifies new opportunities, and supports portfolio companies through each critical stage of drug development and company growth. We are active Board members who bring an informed perspective on company strategy across multiple areas of expertise, including:


Attracting and building world-class teams to drive company strategy and growth

pipeline & partnering

Helping platform companies determine development strategy, identifying the path to validate the platform and prioritize development choices


Building investment syndicates and helping set financing strategy for long-term support